A Very Cowboys Ending, Burrow in Buffalo and the Final Four Is Set

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Jan 23 2023 • 47 mins

The NFL’s final four is set, and Conor and Gary are here to talk through just how we arrived here.

First, what in the world is happening to the Cowboys at the end of playoff losses? Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this team, or do they simply keep running into a very good 49ers team in the playoffs? And does, theoretically, handing things over to Sean Payton make things any better?

Then, the Bills run out of steam against a surgical Joe Burrow who threatens to quietly rule the AFC for the rest of eternity, the Eagles just beat up and beat down the Giants in every imaginable way, and the Chiefs start their search for answers when it comes to building a game plan for a hobbled Patrick Mahomes.

Plus, Greg Roman is out as offensive coordinator in Baltimore. What’s next for Roman, the Ravens, and Lamar Jackson?

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