Baker the Ram, and Who Wants to Coach the Texans?

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Dec 8 2022 • 42 mins

Baker Mayfield’s year-long freefall seemingly continued into December, as he asked for—and was granted—his release from Carolina, and went unclaimed by everyone but the Rams. Conor and Gary discuss the real story behind “only one team claimed him,” where he fits in L.A. for the near-term, and where he might fit elsewhere in the longterm.

Then, a discussion of Titans GM Jon Robinson’s surprise firings, and the always underestimated world of office politics in an NFL building.

Also, looking back on the trades that landed the Seahawks, Lions and Eagles at 3-4-5 (currently) in the draft order, the Saints’ well-intentioned but ultimately disastrous plan, and the madness of rethinking the Matthew Stafford deal.

Finally, pitching America’s new favorite game show: Who wants to coach the Houston Texans? (Really, it’s more people than you’d think.)

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