The Ridder Falcons, the Kyler-Less Cards, the New-Look Dolphins?

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Dec 15 2022 • 43 mins

It’s the small-market show on The MMQB NFL Podcast—or the small-to-mid market show—as Conor and Gary take a trip around the NFL to discuss three QB-centric storylines.

First, a refresher course on Desmond Ridder in advance of his first career start, and what to expect in an Arthur Smith offense for the rookie. Also, a discussion of Mariota-gate after a strange couple of days during which he may or may not have left the team following his demotion.

Then, trying to figure out what in the world the Cardinals were thinking in regards to their roster-building, Troy Aikman shade, and the disaster it spells if Kyler Murray is going to miss even some of 2023.

Finally, it’s time to see how the Dolphins offense adjusts to the adjustments. And time to find out just what Tua Tagovailoa does when he’s taken out of his comfort zone. Fans of the Eric Carle classic Pancakes, Pancakes! know what we’re talking about. Or not.

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