Hackett’s End, Baker’s Redemption, Packers’ Pulse and More

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Dec 28 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

It’s a hybrid show on The MMQB NFL Podcast—not quite a review, not quite a preview, but you get a good meal. Conor and Gary do their best to ignore a horrifically boring slate of Week 16 games and instead look to the bigger pictures around the league. And, to do that, it’s a whirlwind trip division by division. On this show:

• A discussion of the fallout in Denver, where the Broncos’ new ownership group takes the most predictable and—historically—least effective path toward putting out the five-alarm fire engulfing their organization.

• Baker Mayfield’s on-field play has put him back in the discussion for a starting job in 2023. Should he want that? Should anyone want that?

• The Packers are back in the playoff hunt. Have they really turned it around though? A search for optimism, but on the defensive side of the ball.

• Plus, J.J. Watt’s retirement, the final stages of the Colts’ total collapse, the Bucs continue to hang by an absolute thread, and more. So much more.

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