The Butt-Pushing Superness—and Chargers Sadness—of Super Wild-Card Weekend

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Jan 16 2023 • 1 hr

Super Wild-Card Weekend is five-sixths of the way done—nobody likes Monday night playoff football!—and Sunday’s and Saturday’s action brought a nice mixture of excitement and regret. Conor and Gary discuss every bit of it.

The Ravens once again had Joe Burrow’s number (relatively speaking) and came up with some nice solutions on offense, but also a few of the most mind-bogglingly poor decisions by coaches and/or quarterback. The butt-push that wasn’t, and why the Bengals are glad the Ravens are in the rear-view mirror.

Plus, Daniel Jones as the most vindicated-y man in the world, the Bills win ugly in a game that lasted approximately 97 hours, the Jaguars comeback (a fake butt-push!), while the Brandon Staley mistakes are piling up, he should still be the guy for the Chargers (the offensive coordinator on the other hand…), and the 49ers play a meh game and win by 20 points anyway.

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