The Eight Crazy Nights of Week 15

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Dec 19 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

Or, upon fact-check, two crazy nights (or days—but depending on time zone it was night somewhere). Conor and Gary discuss three truly unprecedented moments from the Saturday-Sunday slate of games.

First, a confused discussion of the most stunning finish to a game… maybe ever? The reaction to Jakobi Meyers’s lateral to nowhere with no time left in a tie game, landing in Chandler Jones’s hands for a game-winning TD. What could have been going through Meyers’s head? Is Rhamondre Stevenson the one who started the fire? And is there any way to pin this back on the Patriots’ insistence on calling 47 screen plays every week? Second, the coolest interception goes for naught, but goes nonetheless in Titans-Chargers. And third, the fallout of the Vikings’ record-breaking comeback against the Colts.

Plus, Trevor Lawrence’s ongoing ascension to the elite class, the Lions keep winning but the Jets keep proving they’re good, a couch investigation of the late-game officiating in Giants-Commanders, lots of reminders that you’re two or three big mistakes from losing to anyone, and much more!

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