In Week 17, Everything You Feared Came to Be

The MMQB NFL Podcast

Jan 2 2023 • 58 mins

Unless you’re a Bucs or Packers fan, everything you feared came to be in Week 17: The Packers are still alive, the Bucs are going to host a playoff game, and Jarrett Stidham is maybe good, perhaps? Conor and Gary are here to figure things out.

First, whether or not anyone should fear the Packers in the event Green Bay gets back to the playoffs, or if it seems like that’s just the stylish thing to say. Plus, the Bucs put up 30 points in clinching the NFC South, but has the offense really figured things out?

A conversation of the surprisingly effective Jarrett Stidham performance on Sunday afternoon that fueled Josh McDaniels’s quest for a tie, and the red flag that popped up with the Eagles that has nothing to do with the injured Jalen Hurts.

Plus, some branding advice for the Sasquatch.

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