A Time Travelling Cricket Bat Adventure - Part 2

Armchair Adventures: A Join-In Story Podcast for Kids

Mar 16 2023 • 17 mins

We continue our magical trip to learn about building confidence from Connie and the gang's new friend Kanti.

“People don’t have to be born confident, but if you’re prepared then you can feel confident!!”


Our Armchair Adventure continues! Chief adventurer Connie has travelled to the future where she’s giving a speech at the Junior Presentation Championships. The trouble is, she’s not at all ready so it hasn’t gone too well!

Can a glimpse at her confident new friend Kanti’s first-ever speech help her understand how to overcome shyness?

Join the Armchair Adventures Travel Agency gang as we help Connie find her confidence, with lots of join-in-at-home fun along the way!


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Produced by Made By Mortals

Actors - Hannah Donelon & Chris Brett

Writer - Francesca Waite

Music - AJS Music

Sound Design - Blueprint Studios

The next episode of Armchair Adventures will be released on Thursday 6th April - see you then adventurer!