A Cruise Ship Adventure

Armchair Adventures: A Join-In Story Podcast for Kids

Apr 13 2022 • 23 mins

"It can feel terrifying when you're caught in the storm, but the important thing is to keep calm, focus on finding stiller waters!"

Ready to put on your snazziest outfits, adventurers?? ✨

Connie has been feeling a bit tired recently, so Cyril suggests we all go blow off some steam on a Cruise Ship adventure. TOOT TOOT! All aboard! 🛳️

There are plenty of magical surprises in store. Join the Captain for a delicious banquet and run away from pirates☠️...have you ever seen an octopus fold laundry!? 🐙

C'mon sailors, we all need a little holiday now and again!

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The Adventurers that make this

Produced by Made By Mortals

Written by Becky Prestwich

Actor - Hannah Donelon, Chris Brett

Sound Design & Production - Story Publishing

Music by AJS Music

Music Production by James Dee