A Poetry Adventure - Part 2

Armchair Adventures: A Join-In Story Podcast for Kids

Oct 20 2022 • 14 mins

“Travelling through poems is brilliant. We went to the carnival, daffodil fields, we charged along a railway track and now I’m lost!”


Hey Adventurer! You now get double the Armchair Adventures fun with each adventure split into two parts and released on the first and third Thursday of each month!

Join us for part two of A Poetry Adventure! Connie is struggling with her homework - she has to write a poem but she doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, our resident poet Pauline and the rest of the gang are on a mission to help her. In part one they took her on a journey into their favourite poems to show her how it’s done.

Now it’s Connie’s turn to put pen to paper. It’s the only way for her to leave the world of poetry and get back home in time to hand in her homework! Will Connie do it, listen to fun out...


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Produced by Made By Mortals

Actor - Hannah Donelon

Sound Design - Blueprint Studios

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