A Charity Shop Adventure - Part 2

Armchair Adventures: A Join-In Story Podcast for Kids

Jan 19 2023 • 14 mins

“It’s a really good feeling knowing someone will be making more memories, like the ones you made.”


Connie and the gang are at Willow Wood charity shop with their new friend Denise, who works in the shop. They’ve brought bags and bags of things to donate to a good cause - but Connie isn’t sure about letting go.

When the magic mirror starts to show Connie how happy her old things could make other people, will she have a change of heart?


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Produced by Made By Mortals

Actors - Hannah Donelon & Chris Brett

Writer - Francesca Waite

Music - AJS Music

Sound Design - Blueprint Studios

Our next Armchair Adventure will be released on Thursday 2nd February - see you then adventurer!