A Camaraderie Adventure - Part 1

Armchair Adventures: A Join-In Story Podcast for Kids

Nov 3 2022 • 22 mins

“In the forces we do almost everything as a team, which really helps to get the job done and reduce feelings of stress at the same time.”


Connie has been feeling a bit stressed out. There’s loads to do behind the scenes to make an Armchair Adventures episode and she has been tackling it all alone.

Luckily, some of her customers know a thing or two about camaraderie after their time in the armed forces. Everyone gets a job to help get the latest episodes ready, including you adventurer!

But when some unexpected obstacles get in the way, will Connie and the gang be able to pull together and get the job done?

A Camaraderie Adventure is proudly funded by Veterans’ Foundation.


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Produced by Made By Mortals

Actors - Hannah Donelon & Chris Brett

Writer - Paul Hine

Music - AJS Music

Sound Design - Blueprint Studios


Join us for part two of this Armchair Adventure on Thursday 17th November!