Christmas Steve

Anne Gregory & Sean Casey

When young doctor, Izzy Casey, returns home to snowy Wisconsin for the Holidays, she falls head over heels for a hunky local shopkeeper. In the tone of Hallmark Christmas movies, this limited series scripted podcast is a stocking stuffed to the brim with romance, comedy, and embarrassing family members. It's comfort food for your ears this Holiday season. New Episodes each Tuesday in December. read less

Ep 1 - Finding The One
Dec 1 2020
Ep 1 - Finding The One
In the 1st of this 5 Episode scripted series, young doctor, Izzy Casey, returns home for the Holidays to snowy Whitefish Bay, WI. And she only has one thing on her Shopping List this year: True Love. Will she find it? SUBSCRIBE for all 5 Episodes. New episodes each week in Dec. ProductionCreated (and voiced) by real life husband-and-wife Anne Gregory (Parks And Rec) & Sean Casey (Hollywood Darlings). Sound Design, Editing & Mixing - Landon KirkseyAnd featuring the voice talents of:Izzy Casey - Anne Gregory Christmas Steve - Patrick McIntyre (The List)Ben Douglass - Sean Casey Woman On Plane/Susan Casey -  Jen Burton (I’m Sorry) Margaret Casey - Julie Brister (Goliath) Brendan Casey -  Dave Theune (I Am Not Okay With This)Dasher/Connor/Jake/Kids -  Landon Kirksey (TripTank)Elf Person - Renee McIntyre (Christmas Steve Podcast)Christmas Steve was recorded October 2020, with each voice actor performing remotely. Series Producer, Landon Kirksey, coordinated performance footage taken on phones, from inside closets, and across three timezones, and blended them together seamlessly to make each scene sound as if it was recorded together. With over 163 pages of scripted material recorded in two-and-a-half weeks, his editing skills are a Real Holiday Miracle.Follow us, Socially!Twitter: @Christmas_PodFB: @ChristmasStevePodIG: @christmasstevepodcastSupport us Financially!Paypal: us, if you're Lonely-y!ChristmasStevePodcast@gmail.comSupport the show