WHOOP: The Final Update

Well Far Daily

13-07-2022 • 6 mins

Welcome to another segment of Well Far Daily courtesy of WHOOP. Today’s episode see’s Amy check in with a final update on her progress.

Listeners of Well Far get a 15% discount on any WHOOP membership when they use the code: WELLFAR during checkout - which is an amazing discount so if you are interested definitely go check it out!

WHOOP is the fitness brand changing the game when it comes to wearable devices. In fact, Whoop has been kind enough to gift me the WHOOP 4.0 - the latest in personalised, non-invasive, digital fitness. Just pop it on your wrist, and you’ll be carrying around your very own health coach that monitors your body's physiology 24/7, ready to report on your fitness, training, sleep recovery - all via their app. Really Handy!

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