We Attended the Real Estate Investor’s Summit with Mike Holmes, Michele Romanow, and Barbara Corcoran | Here’s What We Learned

Control and Compound with Darren Mitchell

Sep 25 2023 • 30 mins

Last week, Darren and Christina attended and presented at the Real Estate Investor’s Summit in Toronto. It was an incredible weekend with some amazing speakers including Ken Dunn, Michele Romanow, Mike Holmes, Barbara Corcoran, and Investor Mel and Dave. On today’s episode, Darren and Christina break down what they learned from the different presentations and their highlights from the weekend. Tune in now!

Show notes:

00:00 - Introduction

2:10 - Ken Dunn’s Presentation and Programs

12:15 - Simon Yan’s Presentation

14:35 - Investor Mel and Dave’s Presentation

16:45 - Equiton’s Presentation

17:25 - Elevate Living REIT

19:15 - Darren’s Presentations

20:40 - Michele Romanow’s Presentation

23:45 - Mike Holmes’ Presentation

25:30 - Barbara Corcoran’s Presentation

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