What matters in a trial design? (Clinical Trial)

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Jan 18 2022 • 17 mins

In the first episode of the Clinical Trial podcasts, Amsterdam UMC researcher and author of “A Quick Guide on How to Conduct Medical Research” Dr. Marieke Ter Wee points out the importance of formulating a research question at the beginning of any clinical trial. What models are used to formulate the question and answer to it? She unravels the main parts of a research proposal that should be elaborated by the authors of clinical studies.

In this series of Clinical Trial podcasts produced by EHA, experts unravel for you the many issues linked to the design and execution of a clinical study, complementing the information present in our Clinical Trial Map.

It will help you answer interrogations such as:

• What is a CRO?

• How are clinical studies designed?

• Which role(s) should sponsors fulfil?

Experts will talk directly to you to give you an overview of several essential clinical research topics in a series of 6 podcasts.

Host: Dr. Marieke ter Wee

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