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the Inclusionist: a talk with Jinan Deena: Palestinian chef, food educator, activist.
Apr 20 2024
the Inclusionist: a talk with Jinan Deena: Palestinian chef, food educator, activist.
Hey friends, welcome back. Today’s episode is in honor of the many Palestinian voices who have been tragically silenced recently and historically. I want this platform to not only be a space where I can educate myself and others on topics like social justice, diversity, and world culture but also one where I can highlight the voices of folks who are actively using their knowledge, art, creativity, audacity, and tenacity to free others from systems of oppression, to save the planet, to heal our souls. And today’s episode will be one of those highlights- a chat with Palestinian chef, food educator, and activist, Jinan Deena. Through her dedication to cultural education and her fearless activism, she reminds us of the power of art, creativity, and shared humanity in overcoming systems of oppression.We dish on everything from real Palestinian food, seeing Jewish people as allies, the history of the dabka, and her experience on the intense Israel/Palestine Jubilee Middle Ground episode-   watch the Jubillee Video here for reference ( Jinan on Instagram @FalasteeenifoodieCheck out Jinan’s Palestinian dining experience pop-up in DC  @Baytibyjinan’s Free Palestine until Palestine is Free y’all.  Hit Play!