212. Humble And Genuine Describe This Dynamic Entrepreneur w/Joshua Kopel

Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

23-07-2020 • 49 mins

About a year ago I was fortunate to interview Joshua Kopel for the Restaurant RockStars Podcast. At the time. Joshua had opened an incredibly successful bar on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame and had opened a Michelin-Rated restaurant in LA called “Preux & Proper”. Amazingly Joshua had limited experience, but his charismatic personality and sincere passion for hospitality were the keys to his success. He inspired a team to create a dining experience unlike any other, in arguably one of the most competitive and trendy restaurant cities on the planet. As if that wasn’t impressive, he achieved a Michelin rating and many esteemed accolades. After all the blood, sweat and tears building a restaurant and brand; Covid hit and much like the rest of us, he was forced to shut down his restaurant. It made little sense to re-open during this crisis when margins pre-Covid were stretched to the thin limit. Preux & Proper has a bright future someday down the road, but for now as any dynamic entrepreneur would do, Joshua has re-invented himself and his business. Listen as we discuss: Why he created a new podcast How he saw a need in his own restaurant for an online reservation system which now helps other operators leverage Tech with a human touch How his company “Flo” provides a dedicated professional, well-versed in your operation to answer live phone, chat and text Booking reservations, group functions and online ordering seamlessly The future of this business post-Covid Joshua is offering Flo to 60 restaurants Free for 60 days. That’s an incentive to check it out here: www.justcallflo.com and yes, there is a bright side to the pandemic. You’ll have to listen through to find out! Then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant! Roger For More Restaurant Resources: https://restaurantrockstars.com Schedule a FREE phone consult with Roger: https://restaurantrockstars.com/free-consultation/