What is the Logic?

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There are so many rituals we do since ancient times which have been an inherent part of our tradition and culture but we have always wondered what is the reason or logic behind them? This podcast aims at creating awareness about these traditions and are they myths or do they actually have some significance. Ex. why do we take blessings by touching the feet, why do we ring a temple bell, why do newly married couples use only red saffron and yellow colors in their ceremonies, what is the significance of cremating a body, and what is the logic of wearing kajal! Debunking many myths is Dr. Shisham Bansal Aggarwal author, internationally known Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Occult Science teacher, Numerologist, Graphologist, Holistic healer, and 9 doctorates Ph.D. (hr.) in the Occult sciences who has been conferred with International Awards.

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