#105: Pulled in 1,000+ Directions? Get Laser Focused!

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06-06-2022 • 18 mins

Pulled in 1,000+ Directions? Get Laser Focused!
In today's world, distractions are only increasing. We could all use some help to become laser-focused. Today's show was inspired by an interaction Craig had with a Barred Owl in his neighborhood. Owls are known for their great vision and focus. Maybe our neighbors in nature can serve as a gentle reminder to help us regain our focus.

Tune in to today's episode to find out a simple way to prioritize your daily work activities and focus on what matters to your company's bottom line. When you do, it should be positively reflected in your performance reviews.

Barred Owls are known for incredible vision and focus, despite distractions.

Like the owl, we can be surrounded by numerous distractions in our lives. We have to know how to filter out unimportant content.

We need to know what's important in our daily lives, both from a personal and professional standpoint.

How do we know what the truly important tasks are?

Sometimes our perceptions of what is important to our company can be wrong.

When you feel the urge to defensively respond, follow Craig's 3P Rule!

You can learn to better organize your day and get laser-focused by following what the medical community does.

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You can use your past performance reviews to determine where you should apply your laser focus.