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The Voicenote is like eavesdropping on those comedic, cute and cut throat conversations that you could only ever have with your nearest and dearest. Join Pádraig Wilson McCarthy as he discusses topical issues and answers some of life's more dreaded questions with the help of fun and entertaining guests and a lot of laughter along the way.

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Episode 11: Getting Loose with Linda Martin! Eurovision Special!
May 2 2023
Episode 11: Getting Loose with Linda Martin! Eurovision Special!
They say never meet your heroes, but thats doesn't when your hero is Linda Martin!Episode 11 is the Eurovision special you never knew you needed and after Pádraig chats about the origin of his obsession with the spectacle, he sits down for a chat with Eurovision royalty, the winner of the 1992 competition, Ms. Linda Martin!Ahead of musics biggest global event next week, Pádraig and Linda share their love of the show, they chat about Ireland's triumphant history, where it all went wrong and what Ireland can do to reclaim the title as the ones to beat in the competition.Linda opens up about her longstanding friendship with Louis Walsh, her part in the most significant moment in Irish history (Nadine Coyle's passport) and they arrange a second date in Liverpool!Pádraig gives a quick synopsis of this years contenders as The UK try to continue their success, Loreen returns for Sweden 11 years after her win with Euphoria and Finland and France provide some gay beats to bop to, before giving his best advice on who to place your bets on if you are so inclined!Pádraig will be in Liverpool for this years Eurovision Song Contest and promises to bring the vibes for those who can't make it, so make sure to follow him on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.If you're enjoying The Voicenote, you can give it your douze points rating and don't forget to hit the bell to subscribe. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.