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A podcast from Centrepoint. Co-created by young people for ALL people.Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. At Centrepoint, we believe no young person’s life should be defined by homelessness. We give young people the support they need to heal and grow, no matter what. For over fifty years we've been the centre point for change, personal and political. Everyone has their part to play, with young people leading the way. This Podcast has been created by young people with lived experience of homelessness. We’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the issues that affect us. We hope to challenge and change some of the stereotypes and bring others with us as part of a movement to end youth homelessness for good. Music produced by Harry Speight, a young person, supported by Centrepoint.

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Young Parents: How to Find Education, Employment and Training After Facing Homelessness
Mar 4 2024
Young Parents: How to Find Education, Employment and Training After Facing Homelessness
It’s no surprise that young parents and particularly young mum’s have to overcome immense barriers to access education, employment and training. A 2017 piece of research by Action for Children found that only one in ten young parents went to university, compared to 45% of young people in general. 39% were only just scraping by financially. Social isolation was also an issue with 19% never or rarely seeing friends and it’s no surprise that mental health difficulties amongst young parents were significantly higher. This study was over seven years ago and with an ongoing cost-of-living crisis these numbers have undoubtedly increased. This episode will examine the challenges young parents face when trying to access education, employment and training. It will also aim to highlight available support and discuss what more could be done. We talk to young mum and former resident, Louise who highlights the difficulties that she faced as a young parent and a care leaver and signposts to some of the help available.Louise mentions the charity Become who support care experienced young people https://becomecharity.org.uk/,  and  https://driveforwardfoundation.org/ Here are some other useful links if you are a young parent seeing education, employment or training (EET)https://centrepoint.org.uk/what-we-do/education-training-and-employmenthttps://thisisusatuni.org/https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learnhttps://www.turn2us.org.uk/
Accessing and Sustaining Higher Education
Aug 23 2022
Accessing and Sustaining Higher Education
This month, former and current residents will discuss access to higher education. Currently, just 6 per cent of care leavers aged 19-21 go into higher education, and those that do are nearly twice as likely to drop out as their peers. At Centrepoint, almost 40% of the young people we support are care leavers, but all of the young people we support will experience some barriers to accessing higher education whether that be financial, educational, social, mental or a combination.A recent survey by Nationwide shows that two-thirds of students are struggling to pay bills or have fallen behind on their rent, prompting growing numbers to borrow money or use overdrafts as the fear of homelessness rises.Not only that, but nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) have had to borrow money from family members to pay for essentials such as food and rent in the past year, while four in 10 have relied on their overdrafts to cover these outgoings.More than one in five (22 per cent) said they knew someone who had become homeless in the past year due to financial difficulties, while one in seven worry about becoming homeless themselves.What more can be done to support young people like those that we support access and sustain higher education? In a cost-of-living crisis, this discussion is more pertinent than ever.Former resident and Centrepoint Trustee, Darren Douglas, talks to Centrepoint service users, Nadi and Noor. Nadi is just about to start university and Noor is just about to graduate. They discuss tips and tricks, mental health, support and other ways to get the most out of your university experience.