118. The four fundamental factors of win-win spin offs

Inside the Strategy Room

19-05-2022 • 44 mins

Spin-offs can give both companies more freedom and improve their performance if executives systematically consider the growth strategies, operations, talent, and cultural changes that each entity will require for a win–win scenario. Four experts join Sean Brown to explain how to best ensure spin-offs create value. Andy West is a senior partner in our Boston office and co-leads our M&A work globally. He is joined by Jan Krause, a partner based in Cologne who leads our M&A transactions work in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Anthony Luu, an associate partner and expert in M&A strategy development based in our Dallas office, and Anna Mattsson, a partner based in our Zurich office who focuses on M&A strategy, integrations, and divestitures.

Andy, Jan and Anthony are also co-authors of the article, “Achieving win-win spin-offs”.

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