Outreach CEO Manny Medina on a First Principles Approach to Scaling

Ground Truth

03-09-2020 • 38 mins

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In this episode, we talk to Manny Medina, CEO at the leading sales engagement platform, Outreach. Once a young fisherman, Manny was always a curious kid, a passionate learner and big dreamer. As he fell in love with the USA, he knew this was the perfect destination for his entrepreneurial heart. Hired by Amazon, Microsoft, and by starting his own company from scratch, Manny has learned important business and personal lessons throughout his journey. To him, failure and mistakes are key for professional development and personal growth.

Podcast Summary:

00:56 - A man with big ideas and his pursuit of the American Dream.

06:07 - The importance of thinking big and Amazon’s secret sauce to success.

12:58 - How to quit from the most influential companies on the planet and still rock the world of tech business.

16:41 - The unstoppable pitcher: How relationship building is an entrepreneur's best tool.

20:05 - Everything in sales starts with a meeting: the birth, struggles and awaited success of Outreach.

25:59 - On the human bias and the exciting future ahead for automation in the tech world.

30:40 - How the Coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement have impacted sellers and how Manny and his team plan to take a leadership role

34:38 - How embracing the journey in its entirety is the real key to success.


Ground Truth is a production of Dogpatch Advisors. This episode was written by Jack Buehrer from Campfire Labs, sound engineering and studio space provided by TJ Bonaventura and Julian Lewis from StudioPod, editing and mixing by Nodalab, video production by Nick Shaheen from Above Treeline Studios and cover art by Eric Miller.