#17 Interview with Leslee Bender - 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year - on Knee Replacement!

The Aging Athlete

18-10-2020 • 32 mins

Join me as I talk with Leslee Bender, 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year.  Leslee has created numerous programs in her over 30 years in the fitness industry, including The Bender Bender Method for Core Training ( & the Bender Ball!), Barre Above, and more recently - I Am Ageless Now.  Leslee is an international trainer and a leader in the fitness industry.

Leslee has a mission to help people of all ages and sizes to embrace life and age gracefully. She developed I Am Ageless Now™ as a functional training and certification program for active agers, focusing on injury prevention. One of Leslee’s greatest joys is to inspire someone to make a small change to live a happier and more productive life.

Listen to her inspiring story and how she created her program, I Am Ageless Now, by taking care of her knee before surgery as well as her rehabilitation program after her total knee replacement.  Many of us as we age will experience joint issues from teaching (too many) classes, running more than we need for fitness/wellness and/or competing in endurance sports.  Leslee shares sound advice for us all - we are all aging from the time we are born!

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