Interview #27 with Joy Bretz-Sherrill - Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Health and Wellness

The Aging Athlete

25-04-2021 • 39 mins

Joy Bretz-Sherrill is the founder of nJOYBnFIT, a holistic health and wellness business dedicated to teaching stressed out professionals how to reclaim their lives.  In 2016, she went on a quest for a better overall life with a focus on her health and living in her purpose. She left a successful corporate treasury career of 24+yrs, went back to school for her yoga and holistic nutrition certifications and now she helps stressed out professionals:

  • reframe their mindset
  • manage their anxiety and pressures
  • invest in their overall health & well-being
  • take back their time
  • redefine their financial landscape

Please join me as I learn more about her story, why she loves what she does and follow her on social or check out her FREE or paid programs!  Namaste Nightcap, anyone?




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