#18 - An interivew with Barbie Thomas of Fitness Unarmed

The Aging Athlete

31-10-2020 • 35 mins

Please join me as I interview Barbie Thomas as she shares her story of losing her arms at a very young age and how she has managed to thrive despite many obstacles.  Barbie successfully carried and raised two children and is now able to coach and mentor young children without the use of their arms.   Barbie is an avid dancer and she also stays fit by running, swimming and lifting weights.  She also trains with a personal trainer she loves.
If you want to see her in action click on her website or YouTube channel (links below).

Barbie also took on the world of Physique Competitions, despite being unable to do certain mandatory movements.  You will hear her story regarding this and her persistence in this episode.  She has competed multiple years, as recently as 2019 and she plans to continue competing in the new category of Wellness in 2021.

When I learned about Barbie and her story I just had to meet her and ask her to bless us with her heart, her grit and her determination.   How many of us would NOT dare to blow thru limitations because of our inner (mental) stories.  Barbie is an incredible example of resilience and I am so grateful that she was willing to meet a complete stranger in person. ;-)  She has inspired me so much and I now find myself thinking that I give up too easily!  As Barbie says - NO EXCUSES!

Fitness Unarmed: (her website with incredible photos!)

Fitness Unarmed on YouTube: