The Matthew Trim Podcast

Matthew Trim

My name is Matthew Trim and I spent 15 years at a fortune 300 company. During this time: I was an engineer I ran production and engineering in a high speed manufacturing facility I lead strategic initiatives that were larger that most small company's revenue I lead the quality function for North and Central America. I was the plant manager in high speed manufacturing facilityI did about everything there was on an operations side of things. Including a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and my MBA, I have learned lots over the years about business and operations. When I transferred to a smaller company, I expected to find processes and systems similar to what made the fortune 300 company successful. What I actually found was those processes and systems were fledgling or non existent. I have had a great time developing and implementing big company systems and processes into the smaller company with equal success. This podcast is about many of those steps and how to actually implement process and systems for growth and success! read less