Episode 219: Keys To Success and Failure

Grease The Wheels Podcast

Nov 10 2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we get into the weeds of what makes businesses tick and examine the keys to their success and failure. There are a whole lot of ways that your auto repair business could be leaking cash. One of the major ones that we are going to focus on here is not selling repairs; where there are systemic failures to sell, there can be thousands in lost profits - simply because the Service advisor made an incorrect judgment call. We also go into “6 ways to Increase your Shop’s Profitability” to balance out the success side of the “Keys to Success and Failure”. To be successful auto repair shops need to continually invest in their people, processes, and equipment to stay on top of the game. Treating your customers like family doesn’t hurt either, as we give a series of callbacks to how The Little Speed Shop in Rochester NY does it right!

Also Uncle Jimmy misattributes a Wayne Gretzky quote to Kobe Bryant, we pitch “The Blind Service Advisor,'' and recount the near universal experience of flipping cars that were completely written off by someone.

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