Episode 230: Are You Mental?

Grease The Wheels Podcast

Jan 26 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, we talk about some of the sobering mental health aspects of the job. Seriously, a lot of us commit suicide, which is not the first thought you have when you think of technician mortality (insert Rolls Royce video here, we’re not going there). Because of Uncle Jimmy’s staunch “you’re not allowed to die before me” rule, if you are having these thoughts, please reach out! This article is interesting because it gets right to the heart of the issue - a lack of financial stability has a direct correlation with a lack of mental stability. They get it, and one of the easy ways to find a lot of fulfillment is to go out and do this on your own. We also heap tons of praise on all of the various subgenres of listeners we have who use wrenches to fix what is broken out there in the world. A lack of appreciation, and oftentimes outright hostility from the general public towards what we do for a living is a part of this equation as well. Cheery stuff, so Jimmy goes on a few good rants just to lighten the mood.

Also Uncle Jimmy flunks math.

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