Journey Through Gear w/ Steve Pedulla of Thursday

The Tone Mob Podcast

Jan 9 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Thursday is an absolutely incredible and influential band so you can imagine how excited I was to sit down and talk with guitarist Steve Pedulla for this very special episode of the podcast. On this episode we dive into Steve's gear journey in a very extensive way. Starting with his Gibson SG, and landing in Telecaster land. We really went down the rabbit hole of his guitar pedal choices, his digital/tube based hybrid rig of today, and a whole lot more. This episode is a must for any Thursday fan, and if you aren't familiar, you can check out the band on their website Save yourself 10% on any guitar maintenance tools or other musical products from StewMac by visiting You can also help out with your gear buying habits by purchasing stuff from or grabbing your guitar/bass strings from Release your music via DistroKid and save 7% by going to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit