Stepping Off the Hamster Wheel: Lauren Eckhardt's Journey to the Heart of Entrepreneurship

Bold Voices In Business

Jul 17 2023 • 35 mins

From climbing the corporate ladder to stepping off the hamster wheel, join us on 'Bold Voices in Business' as we explore Lauren Eckhardt's empowering transition. Founder of Burning Soul Collective, Lauren faced the daunting challenge of launching her business during the Covid pandemic, all while juggling the joys and demands of two toddlers. Yet, it's in this journey, through failures and wins, that she found her cycle of triumph.

Tune in to this episode as Lauren shares her story of resilience, fulfillment, and the audacity to chase her dreams. Hear firsthand how she's redefining the business landscape, inspiring others to step off their own hamster wheels and find their own path to triumph.

It's a tale of determination, tenacity, and above all, a burning soul. Don't miss it!

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