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#27 - Alan Heymann on Making Successful Career Transitions#26 - Rolf Evenson on Helping Leaders Find Clarity in Chaos#25 - Andrew Barry on Transformational Learning#24 - Jonathan Armes on Thought Intelligence for Higher Business Performance#23 - David Kadavy On Unleashing Your Creative Genius#22 - Adam Tank On Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap#21 - Jeff Kinsey on Finding Your Path in Life and Leadership#20 - Uday Dandavate: SonicRim's CEO on Poetry, Design Activism and Creativity
42 mins
#19 - Flexing Your Creative Muscle#18 - Austin Belcak Shares His Best Strategies For Landing Your Dream Job
Austin Belcak joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss unconventional methods for landing your dream job. Austin and I both believe that the current system for finding and landing jobs is broken (both for hiring managers and those seeking jobs). There is a lot of noise and not enough signal. Early sidetracks (or missteps) in one’s career or education also can be seemingly insurmountable barriers to overcome when trying to level-up in a career or make a radical change in vocation. What can we do about it? Austin was forced to think creatively when it came to landing his job at Microsoft. With a 2.5 GPA and a modest amount of work experience, he discovered a variety of methods and strategies for finding ways to add real value to employers and convince decision-makers to bet on him. Listen to this episode where we cover: *How Austin landed a great job at Microsoft, without a stellar GPA or prior career experience. *What motivated Austin to start a side business while working full-time. *The most viciously misleading advice most job seekers blindly follow. *How to start a career in a new field, with no connections. *Why applying to jobs online is ineffective, and what to do about it. …and much more! Free Bonus: Austin’s Best Job Search Strategies: As a special bonus to listeners of this podcast, Austin has pulled together a few freebies for you, including (1) a guidebook with 5 strategies his students have used to land job offers at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Facebook without applying online and (2) free access to his “Resume Revamp” course. Visit https://cultivatedculture.com/motivatedlife/ get your free stuff! Connect with Austin Belcak at https://cultivatedculture.com/
44 mins
#17 - Frans Johansson On Seizing Opportunity In An Unpredictable World
46 mins
#16 - Andy Scantland On Being Your Best At Work#15 - The Power of Simplicity as a Catalyst For Growth#14 - Here’s Why Making A Radical Career Change Is So Darn Tough#13 - Gregg Levoy On Following Your Passion For Work And Life#12 - Benjamin Spall And The Magic Of A Morning Routine#11 - Debbie Potts: How To Optimize Fat Loss, Health and Performance#10 - Manoj Vasudevan: 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking#9 - Jim Posner: A Journey From Wall Street Trader to Mindfulness Teacher#8 - Patrick McKeown: How Optimal Breathing Can Change Your Life