Laura Dockrill on Post Partum Psychosis

Breaking Mum & Dad: The Podcast

Jun 30 2021 • 47 mins

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TRIGGER: This episode contains very candid and open speech about mental health, intrusive thoughts and suicide. Please take care of yourself, reach out if you need help and if the episode become too much, there are plenty of others to choose from instead.

This is the podcast that talks all about parental mental health, the highs and lows of parenting and everything in between.

This week on Breaking Mum and Dad: The Podcast, is an author, illustrator, poet, podcaster and mum. It's the wonderful Laura Dockrill.

Laura had never experienced poor mental health until she became a mum. She talks to Anna about loving her pregnancy, and the lovely period leading up to the birth of her son Jet, that came to an abrupt end with a 'casserole of nonsense' surrounding his birth, the traumatic week she spent on the ward afterwards, feeling like a broken oven, and the paranoia, intrusive thoughts and voices that led her to being hospitalised for psychosis.

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