Catherine and Leanne on NSPCC’s Fight For a Fair Start

Breaking Mum & Dad: The Podcast

Jul 21 2021 • 41 mins

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This is the podcast that talks all about parental mental health, the highs and lows of parenting and everything in between.

This week is a bit different on Breaking Mum and Dad. Anna invited two guests on the podcast. One, Catherine Hudson, Talent manager for NSPCC and Leanne, a lady who after giving birth to her son in 2016 really struggled with her mental health.

The ladies chat about their births, the struggles they faced as parents following those births, feeling a lack of support and the need for it. Plus, the NSPCC's Fight For a Fair Start Campaign, urging the government to prioritise rebuilding the health visiting workforce to make sure that professionals have the time to identify parents experiencing, or at risk of, perinatal mental health problems.

If you’d like to support the NSPCC’s Fight For a Fair Start campaign you can sign the petition by searching “NSPCC Fight for a Fair Start” on Google, clicking on the Fight for a Fair Start page where you can join the campaign and sign the petition where you live.

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