Decoding mafias, national heroes, and the role of government in Education ft. Anil Swarup

Decoding Impact

Jun 1 2024 • 57 mins

"There are three types of people who work in education today: those who know the reality of a classroom, there are those who know the reality of grassroots, but there are very few who know the reality of how government looks at education."

In this very special episode of Decoding Impact, host Rathish Balakrishnan is joined by Anil Swarup, Founder Chairman, Nexus of Good; Former Secretary, School Education (2016-18) & Coal (2014-16), and Author. Mr. Swarup joins us to help us decode the complex Education sector in India today and understand more about:

• The visible and invisible challenges in Education

• The role of the government between Delhi and the hinterlands

• How to enable young adults thrive in the Indian Education system

• Defining roles for different stakeholders in the Education sector

Tune in to the latest episode of Decoding Impact today to understand more about the government's role in Education as well as some unique stories from Mr. Swarup's incredible Bhārat Yātra across the nation!

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Guest: Anil Swarup

Host: Rathish Balakrishnan

Producer: Meenakshi Iyer

Produced by: Pickle Jar Media


0:00 Precap

1:36 Welcome to Decoding Impact

1:50 Topic & Guest Introduction

03:12 Anil Swarup's journey into Education in India

06:44 The mafias in Education

14:58 Making Education politically salient

18:23 Anil Swarup's journey through education on the ground

24:31 Is Education enabling young adults in India today?

30:49 How to develop a winning aspiration for young people in India school systems

34:13 From policy to implementation

36:55 Addressing the government's mistrust in the private sector

39:58 Bringing in role clarity in school systems

44:23 Reflecting on the role of the facilitator and counselling

47:00 Understanding the role of different stakeholders in relation to the government

49:12 Who should play what role

52:10 State vs. central government capacity

54:00 Whose accountable for state outcomes?

56:30 Summary and thanks

58:11 General outro