If Roe vs. Wade is Reversed What Happens Next in the Diocese of Cleveland?

Question of Faith

10-05-2022 • 21 mins

Mary von Carlowitz, the Director of the Office of Human Life joins us.  You can reach out to Mary at mvoncarlowitz@dioceseofcleveland.org

Show notes:
(3:20):  We talk about our initial reactions to the news of the Supreme Court leak on the majority's work thus far on the case.

(4:04)  Diocesan Resources are available. Find them here.

(5:40) Mike talks about his friend's experiment with her High School class on finding resources for unexpected pregnancies for teens and debunking some myths.

(8:10)   Mary discusses some of the parish resources and the need for individuals to support women in need.  More sample resources are found here.

(8:50)  There are pregnancy help centers in every county of the diocese!

(10:18)   St. Ignatius of Loyola on making decisions in desolation.

(10:42)   How can individuals help?

(12:00)  What should men who are unexpected fathers do?

(14:00)  Fr. Damian talks about the principle of complimentarity between the sexes.

(15:00)   There are PARENTING CLASSES?  Who knew?

(16:30)   The need for a joyful response.

(18:02)  Church Search goes to St. Anthony of Padua in Fairport Harbor, OH

(20:00)   Scripture readings for the 5th Sunday of Easter are here.