Shifting Your Mindset From Owner to Shareholder and Why it Matters: Episode 854

Grow My Cleaning Company's Podcast

12-09-2022 • 20 mins

Today on the podcast, we have Tracey Thompson, our excellent mindset coach, and Lindsay Bjorklund, our fantastic client happiness manager, here to discuss a new subject- owner/operator mindset vs shareholder mindset. You may not think of yourself as a shareholder in your business, but you most definitely are one. Today, Tracey chats about why it’s important to understand the difference between both and how you can leverage this understanding and shift in mindset. This is what sets apart thriving, expanding businesses and a mom a pop service company. If you’re ready to do more than put out constant fires, this is the episode for you.

  • 1:42 Owner/Operator vs Stakeholder
  • 6:01 Stakeholders Use Efficiency as a Hallmark of Their Position
  • 12:45 Making a Mindset Shift to Stakeholder

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