004 - Midnight Blues

Path of Night Podcast

Apr 29 2020 • 1 hr 20 mins

New Year's 1999. Having successfully kept Britta alive for the coming nights, the coterie agreed to travel to Miles' haven across town. Miles and Britta drove in the Ventrue's midnight blue Ferrari, while Johnny, Neil, and Wynn followed a few minutes behind in a cab. But when a mysterious black SUV rams Miles' car, pushing him and Britta into oncoming traffic, the end of a stressful night suddenly becomes a desperate struggle for their lives.

Content Warning: Violence, language, descriptions of gore.

Storyteller: Lex Lopez
Britta: Rebecca Steigelfest
Johnny: Garrett Gabbey
Miles: Tim Davis
Neil: Rob Muirhead
Wynn: Erika Webb

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