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Anime Podcasters 151: Skye Hoshi Interview
Mar 23 2023
Anime Podcasters 151: Skye Hoshi Interview
Follow/Download the podcast: Listener Support: Anime Podcasters on FB: Twitter: Insta: Leave us a rating: Leave us a voicemail: Survey: Anchor: Guest Proposal: Skye Hoshi: Website: Twitter: YouTube: Hotshot: Twitter: YT: Twitch: GoProKyo: Twitter: YT: FB Page: JaianMusic: Patreon: Website: Twitter: FB Page: YT: Soundcloud: In this exciting episode of Anime Podcasters, GoProKyo sits down with the creator of the highly anticipated anime live-action movie, Skye Hoshi. The creator shares behind-the-scenes insights and exclusive details about the upcoming film, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats with anticipation. #Anime #AnimePodcast #SkyHoshi --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: