Katie Welch - Actor/Writer/Teacher : Never Give Up

The Artist Matters

Sep 23 2019 • 52 mins

Welcome to show #30. Today we have our youngest person who founded a theatre company. Hailing from Florida, my guest is Katie Welch. She has been in theatre since she was 9 years old. Some of her favorite shows she was in were "Beauty and the Beast"," Annie", "Secret Garden", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Through the Shop Window", "Wizard of OZ" and "Peter Pan", just to name a few. Katie also found she had a talent for writing and wrote her first play, "A Talent for Murder". Then, she decided she wanted to create her own theatre company and created Broadway Everyday Star Theater, last year. The upcoming show is Broadway Musical Review, which Katie is directing. She is also writing another play called "Blind Date Cafe", based on her parents. And to top it all off, Katie has her BA in Theater and Masters in ESE Education. This led to her being an ESE, 2nd-3rd Grade and Drama Teacher at CuttingEdge Learning Academy. This young woman has accomplished so much and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. I’m sure her persistence will pay off. Enjoy my chat with Katie Welch.