Healing w/ 2 Chicks!

Dayla & Autumn

Two moms in their late 30s healing from their own traumas while navigating love, motherhood, working for the community, being ladies, finding their own passions and breaking generational cycles.


I am the middle child of 3 girls, a mother of two beautiful little ladies as well as my step-son, and I am engaged to my guy of 10 years. We are a close family and we enjoy spending time together. I grew up in an athletic home and fell in love with basketball and volleyball, which I continue to play. I have an interest in learning new things whether it be new information, making something with my hands, designing or anything else that allows me to grow. I am a baker in the kitchen and the go to for birthday parties and other special events. I love to sip cocktails with my bestie and whip our guys in a game of spades. I'm still learning who I am and what I'm capable of...challenging or not, I'm ready.


I was born and raised in California and have lived in WV for over 20 years. I am a married mother of 2 in my late thirties, sticking to my boundaries set by me for me and coming into my own!!! I am the Executive Director for two nonprofits and I love my work. In my very limited free time I love hanging with my bestie and her family, building or transforming things, shopping for old or used items, reading, laying on my husband, laughing with my kids, traveling, playing cards with friends, and so much more.

To learn more about me, my values, my fails, my successes listen to our podcast to simply deep dive or shallow wade with 2 Chicks!

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