25. Deeper Understanding of Emotional Intelligence

The WIN-WIN Effect

Feb 6 2020 • 0 seconds

In this episode of The Win-Win Effect™ Podcast, Host Chris Ross and Co-Host, Wes Baiz go into a deeper level of understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Also, why it's not only crucial for the SELLER; it's a significant factor for the BUYER to know to gain much-needed clarity. SUMMARY OF TOPICS DISCUSSED Why EQ is a Powerful Skill Look for Emotional Patterns Perception is Everything Synergy Within Companies Self/Social Awareness Proper Use of "Pauses" to Reflect Discovering the "Core" of Problems Being Authentic Influence of Upbringing Take Time to Be Alone in Your Own Thoughts Focus on Gratitude Requesting Buyers to Reflect After Meeting Relationship Management Provide Clarity w/ Analogies Areas to Focus on Connect with and JOIN FREE COMMUNITY  Community Content About CHRIS ROSS® The WIN-WIN Effect Already have an account? Log In First Name * Last Name * Password * Confirm Password *