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The Essence of Organic Marketing - How to leverage it to Build a Sustainable Brand
The Essence of Organic Marketing - How to leverage it to Build a Sustainable Brand
In today's episode with Charmaine, we chat about the importance of list building for email marketing versus other marketing channel.  The essence of organic marketing to build and sustain your brand identity. Keeping track of metrics to inform marketing decision to build a profitable brand.   Charmaine is a mom of three children, two diagnosed with Autism and one diagnosed with ADHD, Charmaine has been an advocate and mentor to parents in the special needs community for over 10 years helping moms navigate the special needs world with sanity. Charmaine is a Life Strategist with The Charmed Life and guides entrepreneurial mom’s with special needs children achieve more time, energy, and focus in their personal and professional life. Charmaine has been a parent mentor and advocate for other special needs parents, as well as is a Certified Life Coach. Her work has been shared in Her View From Home, Metro Detroit Moms, she’s been a speaker for CARE of Southeast Michigan, multiple podcasts and summits as well as the Family Center of Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods sharing life management tools and techniques for moms.   To connect with Charmaine you can find her on Instagram: Facebook: Website:   Click Subscribe or Follow to get notified when a new episode is released 🎧   If you loved this episode let me know over or reach out to me via my social media platform, take a screenshot of the episode and share it to your stories tagging me.    You can connect with me over on     Want to find out more about my coaching programs with me go to