Berkshires UFO Part 8 The Finale

Ghosts In The Valley

Oct 27 2020 • 14 mins

A final look back of the past 8 weeks. It was awesome meeting the cast and crew from the Berkshires UFO episode that was on Unsolved Mysteries and released through Netflix this past summer.

Thank you Melanie Kirchdorfer, Thom Reed, Judge Kevin Titus, Tom Warner, Marcus Clarke, Justin Janowitz, Doug Sakmann, Tambre Ross, Katie Brown, Beth Garcia, Cyndy Martinez, Jason Horton, Carla Davies, Paula Bianchi and all others who sent in your questions and comments.

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"Beyond The Stars" By Tom Warner
"The Candle Stick" By Beth Garcia
"Abandoned and Historic Los Angeles Neon and Beyond" By Jason Horton

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