News & Reviews: A Star Is Born, Hold The Dark, Iron Fist Series 2 & The Nun

Dinosaur Man

Sep 30 2018 • 1 hr 28 mins

With the end of September comes the arrival of huge amounts of trailers, screentests and other snippets of news. In addition to this we have plenty of reviews too so don't think we're neglecting our duties. A preview of Bradley Cooper's forthcoming remake of 'A Star Is Born', Jeremy Saulnier's 'Hold The Dark', the return of Marvel's 'Iron Fist' and the latest installment in the Conjuring universe 'The Nun' get the review treatment. Find us at Dinosaur Man Nerdcast on Facebook or @DinosaurMan15 on Twitter. Like what you're hearing? Subscribe to the podcast to ensure you get all the episodes as they're released and give us a rating in the process. Why not tell a friend about the podcast, get them to tell 4 more friends, and those friends to tell 4 more each, it's not a pyramid scheme, honestly.