Dinosaur Man

Dinosaur Man

Introducing the 'Dinosaur Man Podcast'! Join hosts Andy and Alex as they embark on a cinematic adventure like no other. In a world filled with countless podcasts, they proudly hold the prestigious title of being the sole purveyors of movie news and reviews.

Buckle up for lively discussions, heated debates, and a whole lot of entertainment as Andy and Alex delve deep into the vast realm of films. But be warned, opinions run wild on this show. While Andy boasts an unwavering track record of spot-on assessments, Alex has been known to wield some rather questionable viewpoints. Prepare yourself for the clash of two movie aficionados, where Andy's unfaltering judgment clashes head-on with Alex's...unique tastes.

Tune in to catch up on the latest buzz in the movie industry. From breaking news and trailer reactions to in-depth reviews, the 'Dinosaur Man Podcast' leaves no cinematic stone unturned. Expect a plethora of genres and a diverse range of films, both old and new, from blockbuster hits to hidden gems.

Whether you're a casual moviegoer, an avid cinephile, or just love engaging conversations, this podcast guarantees to keep you entertained and informed. So grab some popcorn, settle into your favourite listening spot, and join Andy and Alex as they navigate the vast cinematic landscape, proving once and for all that when it comes to movies, Andy is always right... well, mostly.

Don't miss a single episode of the 'Dinosaur Man Podcast,' your one-stop destination for movie news, reviews, and the spirited banter of two hosts with clashing opinions.

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