Episode 3-53: Taking Stock

Two Open Doors

Dec 31 2023 • 8 mins

As the end of another year approaches, I’d like to recommend a practice that has long held meaning for me:  taking stock of the preceding year of my relationship experiences.  I see that as a good way to learn as much as possible from the last year of living, as well as a good way to prepare for a meaningful year ahead.

In this episode, I’ll share a few highlights of what I’ve learned, and what I look forward to.  While the reflections that I’ll share are very personal and individual, I believe that they’ll resonate with many or most people who are also trying to live a conscious life.  Perhaps that’s a sort of (belated) “Christmas present” to the Two Open Doors community!

Standing in the present

Dr. Claude Cruz is a relationship and intimacy coach based in the Portland, OR area. He holds a PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), as well as a Professional Sex Coach certification from Sex Coach U. Dr. Claude is passionate about promoting and supporting deep human connection. He develops and delivers workshops and other events regarding that topic, as well as being available for individual and couples intimacy coaching. He can be contacted at claude@twoopendoors.com.

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