Episode 4-14: Open Relationships, Swinging, and Polyamory

Two Open Doors

Jun 9 2024 • 10 mins

Lifestyles that fall outside our society’s mainstream often come with associated terminology that is unfamiliar and potentially confusing to many.  While labels can be misleading or artificially confining, they can also clarify important concepts.

In this episode, we’ll explore three terms that describe non-traditional relationships: open relationships, swinging, and polyamory.  We’ll see how these are related, and how they each describe potentially rewarding alternatives to mainstream monogamous relationships.

Dr. Claude Cruz is a relationship and intimacy coach based in the Portland, OR area. He holds a PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), as well as a Professional Sex Coach certification from Sex Coach U. Dr. Claude is passionate about promoting and supporting deep human connection. He develops and delivers workshops and other events regarding that topic, as well as being available for individual and couples intimacy coaching. He can be contacted at claude@twoopendoors.com.

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