ASK THE BOSS - Episode 53

Ask The Boss ft. Doug Miller & Patrick "Meaty Thighs" Mabe

Nov 14 2020 • 1 hr 10 mins


32:40 Why did you choose Biggie to put on your gym wall?

35:08 Would Full Metal Jacket stack well with Core Bolic?

35:59 Would FMJ be best on a diet or bulk?

36:40 Can you explain why Core Flex is made in a tablet and not capsule?

37:18 What is the best time to take collagen?

39:11 Do you need to cycle Core Test?

39:28 Collagen with coffee?

39:47 Ever tried Ecdysterone?

40:56 How do you find balance between business, being a husband, a father, and the gym?

44:10 If you could create one flavor of protein no matter how off-the-wall, what would it be?

46:20 Do you need to cycle on and off of Stabilize?

Is that something you recommend?

46:38 Current training split?

52:48 POV, would you rather have Doug's biceps or Meat's stunning good looks?

54:44 Core liver/kidney, organ, or new guts 'n Glory flavors in the works?

55:23 When is the last time you really got fired up, and what was the reason?

1:00:43 Thoughts on the new COVID vaccine?

1:01:05 Is it okay to take pre-workout for fasted cardio?

1:01:09 Is the Colosseum going to be open to more Crush It Athletes in the NoVA area?

1:02:27 Is it Christmas this year or Thiccmas?

1:04:16 Do you prefer PRO or ISO for post-workout and why?

1:05:58 Can females take Alpha?

1:07:02 What's the worst experience you've had with a supplement or ingredient?

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